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The Witching Hour by Tania del Rio

My journal on manga, art, and late nights over the drawing table

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Hi! ^_^

I'm the writer and artist for Archie Comic's "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". I've been working there for about three years and am enjoying the challenges and rewards of putting out a monthly comic inspired by Japanese shojo manga.

I have a degree in animation, and used to work as a freelance animator in New York City. Previously, my story "Lovesketch" was published in TOKYOPOP's Rising Stars of Manga Volume anthology, volume 2.

In addition to my work at Archie, I have done freelance for Marvel (Spider Man/Arana Special: The Hunter Revealed) and had a monthly column at Buzzscope.com called "Read This Way". My company, SteelRiver Studio, published a book called "Mangaka America", available at all major bookstores and online. It features the art and techniques of some of North America's hottest emerging manga artists.

I'll also be doing a one-volume book for TOKYOPOP about quinceañeras.

Currently I live in LA with my husband and my two doggies: Bailey the corgi and Oliver the corgi-mix.

In my spare (and I do mean spare!) time, I like to read, knit and crochet, play my Nintendo DS, and play Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft.

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