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Farewell, Sabrina

Just a couple hours ago I finished my last page on Sabrina. I won't lie - I got a little misty-eyed. Not just because I was sad - but because I also felt really proud. I've been working on Sabrina for almost 5 years and have 42 issues under my belt. In comics these days, it's rare to have that much longevity - especially for a first-timer like myself. But the most satisfying thing was knowing that I was able to tell a complete story - the way I intended it to be, from start to finish. It wasn't like Archie told me in the middle of an arc that it was canceled and I had to rush to tie up loose ends. In some ways I always knew the final issue would be #100, and I wrote my stories so they would lead up to that climatic issue. Of course, had Sabrina continued beyond that, I had plenty of ideas of where I would go next, but my main, epic "Four Blades" storyline was always meant to be resolved by issue 100.

On another note, it's so weird to me to realize how much I've grown to love the characters. I know they're just lines on paper, but I've come to regard them as real people in some ways. I feel like a proud mom who's seen Sabrina grow up from a petulant teenager into a strong young woman, and I admit I've always had a bit of a crush on Shinji *^_^* I actually got a pang of sadness thinking about how I was now going to walk away from these characters and wonder what they would be doing next with their lives, in some place where I wouldn't be able to see them. Ok, so that probably sounds a little crazy, but I hope some of you writers and artists understand. ^_^;;

It's also amazing to see how much my art has changed and grown over the years. I look back on some of my first issues and I find them absolutely cringe-worthy! But doing comics has really helped me develop my skills and I feel like I finally have my own "style".

Anyway, I couldn't have done it all without the support of my awesome inker, Jim Amash, letterer Teresa Davidson, and colorist, Jason Jensen. And of course, my original editor Victor Gorelick who hired me originally. I used to be so intimidated by him only to realize he's the nicest guy. And my current awesome editor Mike Pellerito whom I also consider a friend. I'm going to continue doing some things for Archie, so this isn't "goodbye", but just a thanks for everything so far.

And thanks to all my loyal readers and fans. I hope you enjoy looking back into the earlier issues of my work and seeing some of the clues I left there! :D

I hope my fans will continue to support me and read whatever I come out with next!
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