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MoCCA recap

Will and I got back from New York last night. We had a great time at MoCCA. It was so nice to be back in NY and to hang out with old friends even though it was sort of a whirlwind trip and we didn't have as much free time as we would have liked to see everything (and everyone) we wanted to. But I think we've both realized that one year is just too long to be away from NY, so we're definitely going to try and go back more often for fun.

The show was a success for us, even with the sweltering heat outside that possibly deterred some people from going to the show. We sold tons of Dollar Dreadfuls - selling out of a couple of our titles, (as well as my Knit Wits ashcan which I didn't really expect!) I didn't get a chance to look around the show as much as I would have liked - the days literally flew by for me, but I did do a couple quick passes of the floor and bought a couple things which entertained me on the long plane ride home.

Overall, it was a wonderful show (as always) and we've already signed up to be back next year!

In other news, this weekend I'll be participating in the Tour de Cure, which is a 34 mile bike ride for the American Diabetes Association. I've never ridden that far before, (and I'll be riding a fixed gear bike!) so it will be a challenge. But I have been training very hard these past couple months, so I feel confident I can do it! I've already raised 700 dollars - and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated so far. Your support means so much to me.

A couple of my family members, including my brother, suffer from diabetes so it is a cause that is near and dear to me. I want to raise as much as I possibly can in the hopes of one day finding a cure for this disease!

So, please, if you can spare even just $5, I would truly appreciate it! You can sponsor me online at my PERSONAL SITE. Thank you!!

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