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A Long Awaited Update!

I just realized how long it's been since I updated my lj. It must seem like I've fallen off the face of the earth -- sometimes it sure feels like it! The reason is because I've been very, very busy. Almost overwhelmed. The whole move to California really threw off my work schedule especially since it took forever to get the place unpacked and my studio in order (I've been here about 3 months now, and we just unpacked the last box a week ago! o_O). I wasn't able to be as productive as usual during the whole transition and now I find myself scrambling to make up for lost time. Combine that with the fact that I've taken on a couple extra freelance jobs (some of my illustrations will appear in the January issue of Shojo Beat!), and the result is I've been swamped with work. Even my poor webcombic is collecting dust at the moment.

My main focus right now is just to get caught up (and hopefully ahead) of all the various work-related projects I have so I can have some breathing room once again and spend more time on fun things like my webcomic and personal projects like Will's and my Dollar Dreadful Family Library. Speaking of, we're currently updating that site and it will soon have an online shop where you can order our booklets directly instead of waiting to see us at shows!

Will's also been busy and productive as usual and has also started a new website which he'll be updating called Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre. It's good stuff!

Hi Bye Bear

My birthday is coming up- I'll be 28 on Friday. Yikes. It feels like I just turned 27 yesterday! Time really seems to be flying. I feel good about everything I've accomplished so far. I can't believe I've been working on Sabrina for 4 years now! I'm so fortunate to have a steady gig like that! But the older I get the more easily I feel burnt out. I can't pull all nighters as well as I used to. It sounds silly because it's not like I'm old... but I definitely feel a difference in my energy level. I just hope I can keep up my momentum!

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll celebrate my birthday, if at all. I'll be busy preparing for Felt Club this weekend! Each week, Will and I meet with some friends to make crafts. We call our little gathering "Craftonite" and we decided to take the plunge and get a booth at Felt Club! We'll have an assortment of goodies for sale including our Dollar Dreadfuls, my Budgie Buddies, as well as screen prints, postcards, buttons, crochet patterns, holiday ornaments and more! If you're in the LA area, stop by! It should be fun!

Felt Club XLt

As far as life in California, I'm feeling more adjusted every day. I hadn't driven in like 10 years, and I hardly ever drove in NY (partly because I never had to) so when we first moved to Cali I was really nervous and hesitant about getting behind the wheel again. But I now feel much more comfortable and I drive almost every day. I still haven't tackled the freeways yet... but that's next! I've also discovered the joys of riding a bicycle. I'm still a newbie on a bike and am getting used to riding amongst traffic, but it's so satisfying! I've been trying to take part in events like Critical Mass and other bike gatherings which occur monthly, and those have been fun. Especially since traffic is so terrible here, I want to be able to build up strength and get enough stamina to ride my bike anywhere in LA! When I first moved here I had just a $100 beach cruiser bike with no gears or hand brakes. I had received it for my last birthday from Will in NY (I picked it out), but I never had the opportunity to ride it because of all the snow. Once in Cali I realized it was a really clunky bike to ride and I had a hard time with it. I guess that's why it's good to actually try a bike out before buying! -_-;; Anyway, recently I upgraded to this bike:

My bike

I love it! It's SO much more comfortable and easy to ride. And it has 21 gears and hand brakes to make my life easier! Of course, now that I've been in Cali I see that everyone and their mother has a fixie and I'm beginning to feel left out. Well... maybe in a year or two once I have more bike experience I'll try riding a fixie. We'll see!

Well, I guess that's all the news I have to share for now. Next time, I'll post some sneak peeks at some of the art I've been working on! Ok, it's back to work for me!
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