January 30th, 2008

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Checkin' in...

Not much to say...but it's been almost a month since my last post, so...

I'm feeling under the weather. I've prided myself on managing to dodge most of the illnesses that have afflicted Will these last 7 months. Poor Will works so hard and he doesn't get enough sleep that it seems like his immune system is paying the price. I've seen him suffer through at least 3-4 colds since we moved out here and so far I've managed to evade them all. But I think I've finally succumbed. Still, I'm confident I can fight it off... I'm much healthier now than I used to be... I exercise a lot more by riding my bike (I've ridden over 100 miles in the last 2 months!). Speaking of bikes, I've got yet another bike that I've been riding - a fixed gear Motobecane Messenger. It's light as a feather and so fun to ride. Here I am with "Björnge" on a recent ride:

Anyway, back to my cold -- I have a lot of faith in my "Triple Punch Power" which I take whenever I feel sick.
This consists of a combination of:

Airborne, NAC (N-Acetyl-L Cysteine), and Umcka Cold Care Remedy

It works every time... I take these at the first sign of a cold and 9 times out of 10, the cold goes away. Or, in the event I get the cold anyway, taking these definitely shortens it, or makes it less severe.

Meanwhile, I've just been trying to get some work done and I'm hoping I'll have time to take part in Hourly Comic Day which is February 1st. As some of you may know, I first took part two years ago and that's what spawned My Poorly Drawn Life.. I was too swamped to do it last year, but I really want to do it again this year. So we'll see. It may just be a comic about me laying around sick all day!

Oh, and unrelated, but I wanted to let you guys know Will updated his Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.
This is my favorite piece from the new batch:

Hmm... what else? Oh yeah, I have something to look forward to in April! I'm going to Japan again! I'll be going as part of Pop Japan Travel's Fujoshi Paradise Yaoi Tour!.


I'll be honest... I like yaoi (especially the more character driven stories like Antique Bakery)... but I've never considered myself such a fan of yaoi that I would join a tour based on it. However, I couldn't resist the chance to go back to Japan again and meet a manga artist (Makoto Tateno, artist of Yellow) and all for such a good price. They also have a Gothic Lolita tour going on at the same time, but I think I'm even less into Goth Loli than I am into yaoi. Anyway, I'm dying to go back to Japan... ever since going there for the 1st time over a year ago, I've been longing to return. I've never been part of a tour group before so I'm not sure how that will be, but I'm sure it will be a fun experience, nonetheless! Anyway, there's only about 5 spots left so if anyone is interested, sign up soon!

Well, I guess that's it for now! One of these days I'll post about some of the things I'm actually working on, complete with art samples!
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